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Watch: Tightrope walker performs “most difficult stunt yet” in GZ

Posted: 08/12/2013 1:00 pm

Adili Wuxor, who set a world record for the longest ever period of tightrope walking in 2010, walked between Canton Tower and Haixinsha Stadium in Guangzhou at a height of 100m on Saturday, Nandu Daily reports.

And, as always with Adili, he didn’t just walk the tightrope high above the Pearl River but took the time to sit down, stand on one foot and even dance, as a BBC reporter put it.

Adili never uses a safety net, even though on this occasion the rope was just 3cm thick. Adili told reporters that this was his most difficult stunt yet. That is quite a claim to make considering that last year he walked across a 350m high tightrope with two students walking in the opposite direction.



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