A baby is in intensive care in Guangzhou after a nurse accidentally fed her baijiu

Posted: 06/12/2013 7:00 am

A 7 day-old infant is in the intensive care unit of Guangzhou Development District Hospital after a nurse accidentally fed her rice wine on June 6, Jiangsu Satellite Television reports.

According to a Miss Huang who was in the hospital at the time, the baby’s whole body went red.

Although it hasn’t yet been confirmed exactly which nurse was responsible, the baby’s father, Mr. Chen, demanded that heads roll. “I fear my daughter will suffer long-term brain damage,” said Chen.

A representative of the hospital surnamed Chen said an internal investigation would be conducted and the hospital would take due responsibility.

The Jiangsu television anchorman indulged in an angry monologue, berating the hospital and the staff for allowing alcohol onto the premises and failing to issue a full apology for the mishap.

One netizen claimed that the smell of rice wine is so strong that this was either done deliberately or done while drunk. Another suggested that the parents forgot to bribe the hospital when the baby was born.

*Note: Initially, we mistakenly said it was a “seven-year old infant.” In fact it was a seven-day old infant. This has now been corrected.


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