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Watch: Comically incompetent cargo handler at Guangzhou airport

Posted: 06/16/2013 7:03 pm

Do you ever worry about how your checked luggage is treated when you fly? If so, you should be even more worried.

Footage of a cargo handler at Guangzhou airport who threw boxes on the conveyor belt haphazardly (missing more than half of the time), and stopped to answer his phone, has gone viral in China.  He went about his work so inefficiently that it took more than twice as long as necessary.  The video has now been posted by such influential media as Guangzhou Daily and Southern Metropolis Daily.

The four minutes of footage, which is accompanied by highly critical running commentary given by the passenger, has been viewed over 700,000 times on Sina Video and is also on YouTube and 56.

Netizens’ reactions ranged from shame to amusement. One Chinese netizen said: “The shameful Chinese race. But don’t just blame this guy. Blame the system of management at Chinese airports and blame the culture of service.” Another called for the immediate sacking of the guy. Another said, with a laughing emoticon: “Cheap labour, you get what you pay for.”

  • Ray

    Wow, employee of the year. I hope there’s a follow-up and see what happens to him, and to those packages

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