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Leizhou primary school principal confesses to raping two pupils

Posted: 05/27/2013 10:00 am

The principal of Yingli Village Primary School in Leizhou turned himself in on the night of May 22 after being accused by the parents of two female pupils of rape, Sina News reports.

Mr. Zheng, 37, became principal in 2009 and his wife was also a teacher at the school. While his wife would go to their home in the village in the evenings to look after their child, Zheng would stay back, claiming to be offering extra help to students in need of it.

Starting in May this year, Zheng would wait until all other teachers had gone home before taking two female students into an unoccupied dormitory and raping them, he confessed.

Zheng is in police custody while the case is being investigated.

The two girls were in 6th grade, that is 12 and 13 years old, and were relatively good students. Before sexually abusing them, Zheng would allegedly tell them that they must not tell anybody, otherwise they would never find a husband after growing up.

Both of the girls’ parents noticed that their daughters were more withdrawn than normal and asked them what was going on. After the daughters told the whole story, both sets of parents went to the police on May 22 (last Wednesday).

Psychiatric care has been arranged for the victims, according to the school.

This month, U.K. current affairs magazine The New Statesman published an opinion piece arguing that the current wave of sexual deviants being brought to justice in the U.K. may be the result of a global shift in attitudes.

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