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After ATM Swallows Bank Card, Woman Goes to Extreme Measures to Get it Back

Posted: 10/31/2014 4:16 pm

atm dismantle dongguanIf an ATM swallows your bank card, what would you do about it? Complain? Call a hotline? For one Dongguan woman, the answer is clear: you take the ATM apart in order to get your card back.

At the Golden Sand Bay Shopping Mall in Shilong District, a woman wearing an orange shirt was seen systematically taking apart a Bank of Dongguan bank machine. Even as mall security showed up, the woman was undeterred and kept deconstructing the money dispenser until it was an indistinguishable pile of parts in the mall.

Called a “female hero without peer”, the woman is now in police custody. Despite all that effort, it’s not clear if she was able to get her bank card back.

atm dismantle dongguanatm dismantle dongguanatm dismantle dongguanatm dismantle dongguanPhotos: PopDG

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