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Coke Now Paying Expat Staff Extra To Deal With China’s Air Pollution

Posted: 07/13/2014 8:00 am

coca cola factory workerWhile the suggestion that expats are leaving China is still up for debate, the fact remains that China is an increasingly a difficult place to work because of air pollution. But if you need a reason to sacrifice your health and stay and work in China, Coca-Cola has one for you: a 15% bonus on top of your salary as a “hazard pay”, according to a report by the Australia Financial Review.

Labelled the “environmental hardship allowance”, the extra salary is reportedly an incentive to help convince company employees to relocate to China. The bonus is only offered to foreign expat employees; any Chinese nationals are exempt.

Panasonic was the first multi-national company to offer hazard pay to its expat employees working in China back in April of this year.

Photo: China Daily

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