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Guangdong Initiates Emergency Alert Level 4 in Response to Torrential Rain

Posted: 05/9/2014 1:47 pm

The provincial authorities has implemented emergency measures in the wake of the torrential downpour that has been hounding Guangdong, reports the Yancheng Evening Report.

At 5:30pm on May 8, the Guangdong provincial weather disaster emergency response department raised the provincial emergency alert to level four.

This signifies the province has adopted emergency measures and has informed all levels of government including military, police, and emergency services to be on heightened alert.

The recent downfall has been characterized as the longest and most intense precipitation all year long.

From the time period between 8am on May 7 up until 5pm on May 8, over 19 provincial weather stations have collected a total of 110mm of rain, with some having collected a maximum of 132mm. Weather stations in Puning have collected 129mm worth of precipitation, while those in Maoming have recorded 126mm of rain.

Police urge caution around the province’s many rivers; the Dong River, Bei River, and Han River have all swollen from the increased precipitation.

Photo: Sina

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