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Guangdong man murders girlfriend in fit of rage, then takes her corpse on holiday

Posted: 06/29/2013 10:20 pm

After his girlfriend said she was leaving him, a Guangdong man killed her in a fit of rage. Immediately regretting his action, Mr Fan then took his girlfriend’s corpse along on a road trip that took in Fujian, Shanghai and eventually Sanya. Fan, 22, is now facing trial for murder, Taihainet reports.

Fan had known his girlfriend Miss Luo for 6 years. But this year, Luo’s family started to raise objections about the relationship and pressured her to end it. Suspecting that his prospective in-laws may think he is poor, Fan bought a car and made sure he was seen driving Luo around.

On May 12, three days after she had first mentioned breaking up, Fan waited for Luo outside her parents’ apartment building in Foshan. After she got into his car, they had a long argument before Fan killed her with a Stanley knife.

Fan took 2-3 hours to calm himself down and decide what to do next, knowing that escape was impossible. Eventually, he decided that before facing the music, he would fulfil the couple’s dream of going travelling together. He drove to Fujian with her corpse in the car and spent a day in Xiamen. He later went to Fuzhou.

Leaving her corpse in the car at Changle Airport in Fuzhou, Fan flew to Shanghai and then on to Sanya in Hainan Province, taking Luo’s phone as a memento.

Fan was nabbed in Sanya on May 18 and will face trial for murder.

You know what they say: True love always finds a way.

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