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Guangdong Police Seize Beef Jerky Made With Diseased Pork

Posted: 12/23/2014 9:30 am

As tasty as good bit of beef jerky can be, you may want to avoid it over the next few months. According to a report from Nandu, 25.4 tons of pork taken from diseased pigs was dried and passed off as beef jerky.

The diseased pork, taken from 34 dead whole pigs, was seized in Zhaoping, Guangdong during undercover police raids. The operation involved police officers disguised as fisherman. During a 45 hour sting operation, undercover police were led to a filthy factory space hidden up in the mountains, where the dead pigs were discovered.

Much of the substandard pork was to be used for resale in markets, however some of it was packaged as beef jerky and sold in Guangzhou, Foshan, Zhongshan and Jiangmen.

Selling substandard pork is a profitable trade. The tainted meat sells for approximately RMB 50 cents per 500 grams, yet after it has been smoked and processed with food additives, traders can fetch upwards of RMB 67 cents.

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  • Just_Banlas

    Hmmm…24 tons of pork from 34 whole dead pigs. That comes out to 1,411 pounds per pig. The net meat yield suitable for jerky from a pig (after excluding all the bood, extraneous fat, organs, bones, etc, that can’t be used for jerky) would be generous at 50%. That suggests a live weight of 2,800 pounds per pig. A classic VW Beetle weighs in the neighborhood of 2,100 pounds. Your average bull to be butchered weighs less than 2,000 pounds on the hoof. The world biggest pig (in China, actually), tipped the scales at around 2,500 pounds on the hoof, but was not even close to being “normal”. The average weight of a pig at slaughter would be WAY less than 500 lbs. So, sounds like some serious bs in this article….

  • lacompacida

    Beef jerky made with pork. Good one.

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