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Guangdong TV Makes Controversial Move to Ditch Cantonese Language News

Posted: 07/13/2014 11:00 am

cantonese support The further marginalisation of Cantonese is underway following Guangdong TV’s quiet decision to replace news currently broadcast in the southern language with Putonghua. The change is set to take place in September. An unidentified source said, ”This is being done quietly, without any official promotion or notification to audiences.”

The move is reminiscent of a previous move towards Putonghua-language programming in 2010 on Guangzhou Television, which sparked protests in Guangzhou and Hong Kong over the marginalisation of Cantonese. Guangzhou TV eventually dropped the idea.

The news this time around was no better received:

I can understand spoken Putonghua, but I would rather listen to Cantonese. Cantonese is the language of my forefathers that has been passed down to me…!! For outsiders that want to listen to the news, you shouldn’t watch Guangdong Satelite TV… there are other news that report Guangdong news in Putonghua [angry.emo]

Why must the local department continually supress Cantonese media?

Don’t say that I am an angry youth (fenqing)! In fact, there should be respect given to the local culture and language! Language is the basis for an area’s culture and history; it’s a definite symbol! The crux of promoting Putonghua comes from deep within people’s hearts and whether or not they like this country, and if the people want to learn it on their own. It’s isn’t to force them to learn it against their will! you can change the language of one program, but can you change the will of the people?! Really no alternative. [rabbit.emo]

It’s only right for outsiders to adapt to the local environment, and not the other way around, so long as the locals welcome outsiders. Aren’t outsiders supposed to adapt to the local culture?

Abandon Cantonese and promote Putonghua? Fuck your mother! (Cantonese curse)

The Cantonese language is one of the cultures of China. Preserve Cantonese

Overthrow the hegemony of Putonghua at the Guangdong TV station. Overthrow the hegemony of Guangzhou dialect at the Guangdong TV station. Anyone whose mother tongue is Cantonese and who propagates Cantonese culture must allow Meizhou, Siba, Teochew, Huizhou, Leizhou and other languages to also appear on Guangdong television.

Have considered those that speak Hakka, Chaozhou dialect and other languages? Most residents of Guangdong Province don’t speak Cantonese. Boring.

Cantonese is a language, and not a dialect.

“Some netizens are in support of this because Putonghua can help outsiders understand the local situation when coming to Guangdong.” A dog’s fart, I don’t support this idea at all. If someone wants to understand the local Cantonese culture, then we should let even more people learn Cantonese. By learning, they can understand. This will be an even wiser policy decision instead of erasing Cantonese language! We should respect the culture of every region! Residents of Guangdong should speak Cantonese!

Agree to forbid Guangdong people from speaking Cantonese, and to make Guangzhou to become the “Cantonese Capital” (a pun of sorts on “Beijing”) [applaud.emo]

A “Menstrual period” [laugh.emo] station? [support.emo]
(a pun on “Cantonese Captial”; has the same character sounds)

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