[Updated] GZ flight attendant claims she was beaten on board… by a government official

Posted: 08/30/2012 12:56 pm

Fang Daguo

The interwebs have lit up once again in the PRD thanks to a young woman in Guangzhou who claims she was beaten by a man on board an Air China flight from Hefei to Guangzhou yesterday (August 29).

The woman was working as a flight attendant on flight CA3874 when she claims a passenger became aggressive.  The man said she provided poor service and he didn’t like the way she spoke to him.  He apparently said, “You are only a flight attendant, I know your boss!” At one point, he apparently beat her with his luggage.  The woman posted photos of her injuries on Weibo around 9:00 last night, which we have posted below.  They have been shared on Weibo more than 10 million times.

Any incident of a person in power appearing to abuse their status seems to strike a chord with people these days, and this case is no different.  After the woman posted her claims, netizens began searching for the identity of the man on board the flight.  China’s famous human flesh search engines uncovered the guy: Fang Daguo, a political commissar in Guangzhou.

People on Weibo are outraged about his behaviour, and we expect this story to develop further.  We’ll keep you posted.

(Thanks again to @MissXQ for the info)

Update (9:18am 31 August):

It appears the flight attendant has either backed down, or possibly received some settlement cash.  On her Weibo last night, she posted:

On flight CZ3874 from Hefei to Guangzhou, Fang Daguo and his wife were in conflict with me over where they placed their luggage. Fang Daguo and his wife have already given me their sincere apology, and it has been settled properly. Thank you for your attention.
The post has been reposted over 22,000 times with over 14,000 comments. Most of the comments said they are disappointed.  So many people supported her, they said, and it’s sad she gave up so easily.  However, others said there must be another story behind the climb-down, and probably some cash exchanged hands.  Our bet is on this one.


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