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Beijing To Enforce Guidelines After Xi Edict on “Strange Architecture”

Posted: 12/3/2014 9:30 am

cctv buildingChina has experimented with some strange and challenging architecture over the past few years, leaving behind several unique and iconic structures.

President Xi Jinping recently said enough is enough. “I don’t want any more strange architecture,” he said. Now, the deputy mayor of Beijing Chen Gang agrees and says the city will play a more active role in enforcing style standards. “City planners are to consider the overall style of city buildings. Dimensions, scale, style, color, shape, and materials must conform to standard regulations.”

Chen made the comment at the Beijing Cultural Heritage and Innovation Forum of Construction Experts. Chen also said the new policy is to ensure public harmony and preserve traditional architecture, all while embodying a cosmopolitan spirit that maintains regional characteristics.

Photo: cbda

  • dandmcd

    Yes, the thing these cities need is more concrete jungles that all look the same throughout the neighborhood.. How dare architects in Beijing actually do something creative! Just like the movies or books, make ‘em as dull and lifeless as possible.

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