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It Will Be Soon Be More Expensive to Ride the Subway and Bus in Beijing

Posted: 11/27/2014 2:33 pm

beijing metro platformThe long-delayed fare increase for the Beijing Metro and bus system is set to officially take effect on December 28.

The new fee to ride the Beijing subway and its buses is based on how far you’re going, rather than the current flat rate. A trip on the Beijing Metro longer than six kilometers will cost RMB 3, while a trip between six and 12 kilometers will cost RMB 4. A subway fare will cost RMB 5 for a commute between 12 and 22 kilometers, while a trip between 22 and 32 kilometers will cost RMB 6. After that, it will be RMB 1 for each additional 20 kilometers traveled.

Bus trips start at RMB 2 if a journey is 10 kilometers or less. If further than that, fares will be charged an additional RMB 1 for every five kilometres. Fares will discounted for transport card users: a commute under 10 kilometers will cost only RMB 1, and trips over 10 kilometers will be charged only RMB 0.50 more for each additional five kilometers.

The adopted fare increase is the second option that was earlier proposed by officials. The other proposed option favored lower rates for commuters taking short distance trips.

Here’s a chart of the fare increases; the ones for the subway are listed first, then the buses:

beijing metro fare hike subway busRelated:

Photo: People’s Daily Online, Xinhua


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  • lacompacida

    This is great as Beijing needs more pollution, and widen the wealth gap.

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