Nanfang TV: Forget the Singapore baby-making video, it’s all about Guangzhou Fire

Posted: 08/14/2012 2:14 pm

Singapore has been in the news over the last few days over a video that encourages Singaporeans to get a bit naughty.  The island nation is facing a declining birthrate and thinks it has found a novel way to tackle the problem: by producing a video that encourages Singaporeans to celebrate National Day by “making a baby, baby.”  (You can watch it here, if you have a VPN.)

The video is noteworthy for its uniqueness (read: hilarity), but also because the sultry male voice in the video is none other than Roshan Gidwani.  Gidwani’s family lived for several years in Guangzhou prior to his move to Singapore, and this is where his rap career initially got off the ground.

The Singapore baby-making video reminded us of one particular rap Rosh did years ago, so we dug deep into The Nanfang archives and uncovered this gem: the Guangzhou Fire video.  The video, we think, was shot in 2007, and Rosh looks much younger back in those days.  It was done with the full support of the then-Guangzhou English Channel.

Guangzhou Fire is the latest installment of Nanfang TV.  You can watch the video below, on Youtube, or Youku.


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