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[Updated] Large-scale anti-Japanese protests fill the streets in Guangzhou

Posted: 09/18/2012 10:19 am

Hundreds have gathered in Guangzhou around the Garden Hotel, which is where the Japanese consulate is based, to kick-off today’s anti-Japanese protests on the anniversary of the 1931 Mukden Incident, which Japan used as a pretense to invade Manchuria and the rest of China.  Tensions between the two nations are high as both claim sovereignty over the Diaoyu/Senkaku Islands.

We will be updating this post throughout the day as we get new photos and information on the protests across the PRD.  If you are at the protests, you can send us photos and information at [email protected].

Protesters near the Garden Hotel in Guangzhou


Updated 10:30am: Staff at the Garden Hotel have posted photos of how the hotel has been turned into a police command center today. Three floors are occupied by police.


Updated 11:28am: Twitter user @sinotmr is posting some great photos from the protest in Guangzhou.  You can follow him on Twitter here. We’ve also posted his photos below.

Barriers set up at the Garden Hotel for security

Police prepared for protesters at the Garden Hotel

Protester drags a Japanese flag on the ground in Guangzhou


Update 11:44am: A new picture from @sinotmr shows protesters in Guangzhou with a map of China which not only includes the Diaoyu Islands, but also all of Japan.


Update 1:00pm: Crowds continue to chant slogans and march outside the Garden Hotel in Guangzhou.  More photos below.

Photo by @jasonoke

A Japanese business covers its name with the Chinese flag in Guangzhou

Protesters try and enter the Garden Hotel through the back door (Photo by @sinotmr)

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