Shenzhen introduces teacher blacklist as cases of abuse continue to emerge

Posted: 06/13/2013 7:00 am

Education authorities in Shenzhen are planning to implement a blacklist system to prevent teachers guilty of immoral and unlawful behaviour from getting into the classroom, Shenzhen Daily reports.

If a teacher is blacklisted, he or she will never again be hired by any school in the city. The city also plans to introduce a system through which all students’ and parents’ complaints about teachers can be investigated.

This comes after a series of child molestation cases emerged from schools around the country, including in Shenzhen and Guangzhou.

The 42 year-old teacher at the centre of a pedophilia scandal in Shenzhen has been arrested and will never teach in the city again. Shenzhen Daily has more:

Chen Xiaohong, vice Party chief of Nanshan District Education Bureau, said the teacher suspected of molesting four students at the private Hongji School in Nanshan District had been fired by the school, his teaching certificate had been revoked, and the four students were being transferred to other schools.

Awareness of the risks facing children is on the increase as cases continue to emerge.

In Xinning County in Hunan’s Shaoyang City, a 57 year-old teacher was arrested on June 4 on suspicion of molesting a female primary school student.

And, as many of you know, China’s English teaching industry is poorly regulated and has employed some seriously bad seeds down the years. In recent months, a foreign teacher was arrested in Beijing on suspicion of molesting a boy and it came to light that an alleged child rapist wanted by British police was teaching in Beijing.

Hopefully the ones who give foreign teachers a bad name will be weeded out and some faith will be restored.


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