Container truck crashes, causing a 28-vehicle pile-up in Shenzhen

Posted: 08/17/2012 1:00 pm

A pile-up caused by a container truck that involved 28 vehicles injured four on Shenzhen’s Nanping Expressway at 5 p.m. on Tuesday (August 14), according to local media.

Two of the injured were taken to No.3 People’s Hospital with severe wounds. Ten of the vehicles were severely damaged the Longgang District section of Nanping Expressway leading to the Bulong toll gate on the Shuiguan Expressway, according to theĀ Shenzhen Daily.

The driver of the truck lost control and veered towards motorists who were queueing at the tollgate. Emergency services arrived within 10 minutes and sprayed the ground with water to prevent the diesel that had spilled from the truck and emptied the remaining diesel from the truck’s tank.

Although the accident caused congestion, traffic on the expressway was back to normal within three hours.

The driver was among the injured.

The accident caused a tailback


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