Shenzhen student murdered by roommate in Canada

Posted: 12/13/2012 12:00 pm

A sketch of Guo You (Keith) Ru during his first court appearance

A 21 year-old Shenzhen native who was studying in Ottawa, Canada was murdered December 6 by his roommate, who was an overseas Chinese, according to Shenzhen Evening News (via Shenzhen Daily).

The gruesome murder was carried out with a sharp instrument but not a knife, according to Canadian police. The killer made his first court appearance December 7.

The 25-year-old killer, identified as Guo You (Keith) Ru, was arrested by Canadian police and charged with second-degree murder, the paper said, citing Ottawa media reports.

“He wore black clothes and was smiling through most of the court hearing. However, he was dazed and looked tired,” Canadian media reported.

The parents of the dead student, Xiaole, are set to fly to Ottawa from Hong Kong. Xiaole had been a student at Carleton University since 2009 studying civil engineering.

Xiaole, who attended Yantian Foreign Languages School and Shenzhen Senior High School, said at a class reunion last year that he planned to work in Canada for several years after graduation before starting his own business back home.

This is the second brutal murder of a Chinese student in Canada this year after Jun Lin, 33, was killed, dismembered and had his bodt parts sent to political parties by a former porn actor.


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