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Consulates hold charity drive in GZ, end up with thousands in fake RMB

Posted: 12/11/2012 1:01 pm

When thirty foreign consulates in Guangzhou held a charity bazaar for handicapped children on December 8, they raised 330,000 RMB. But it wasn’t all joy.

After representatives of the consulate sold delicacies from their home countries at low prices at the bazaar, they sent the money to Ping’an Bank. It turned out that 5,000 RMB of what they had received was counterfeit, according to Yangcheng Evening News.

The criminals who used the counterfeit money were criticized for exploiting foreigners’ ignorance about fake Chinese currency.

Then, amazingly, He Keng, a former deputy director of the National Bureau of Statistics, attacked the foreign consulates on Tencent Weibo.

“Foreign consulates intended to disgrace us Chinese by holding a charity bazaar and they are shameless. China doesn’t need the 330,000 yuan, not to mention it was Chinese people’s money,” wrote He, as translated by Global Times.

He has come under fire for his comments, and police are investigating the fraud.


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