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Stunning Documentary Video of the Clearance of Mong Kok During Hong Kong’s Umbrella Movement

Posted: 01/19/2015 11:49 am

Hong Kong’s Umbrella Movement, which occupied several of the city’s major arteries for more than two months, was cleared by police in December. The clearance was particularly tense in the city’s dense Mong Kok neighbourhood, where tensions continually ran high between protesters, anti-Occupy forces, and police.

Nathan Mauger, a freelance videographer, was on hand for much of the Mong Kok protests and has compiled a powerful video called “Clearing Mong Kok” to document what happened on November 26, when Mong Kok became the first of the protest camps to be cleared.

Mauger’s video is actually the third in a trilogy. The first one is “20 Meters in Mong Kok” and the second is “The Battle for Mong Kok“, both of which are highly recommended.



  • Zen my Ass

    The movement is far from being defeated: they might have been silenced, but the shockwaves of what’s happened will keep on shaking HK for a long time.

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