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Shenzhen expat records song lampooning English teachers

Posted: 01/28/2014 7:00 am

One of the many issues facing those who come to China to teach English is a lack of respect. Middle Kingdom Life writes very well about the derision foreign teachers face from employers and colleagues. It has also been claimed by a blogger that members of the non-teaching expat community look down upon the English teacher “in the same way that the Chinese businessman looks down upon street cleaners.”

If this song “Super English Teacher” is anything to go by, then that is certainly the case:

The song has been done by a Shenzhen-based American who calls himself The Fred. A mysterious character, he pops up on a number of local blogs and forums with his observations and songs. And believe me, although this song contains some strong language, it is a nursery rhyme compared to most of his others.

Here is the YouTube version:

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