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Bizarre case of ‘dog rape’ ends up in Guangzhou court

Posted: 07/11/2013 10:00 am

A bizarre legal battle has ensued between two dog owners in Guangzhou after a mongrel mated with a purebred female dog in their owners’ apartment complex when both were unfettered.

Courtesy of Guangzhou Daily

After finding out what had happened, the owner of the pure-bred dog called the police and pledged to sue the owner of the mongrel, Mr Lin, for 100,00 yuan because the dog had been purebred for scientific purposes and had to maintain its virginity. The purebred dog was worth millions before it lost its virginity, the owner claimed.

Police, however, immediately dismissed the case as claims of “rape” between animals would be impossible to prove. But the owner did not leave it at that. After a series of heated disputes in their apartment complex, Jindao Gardens in Fangcun, that were so heated they caught the attention of neighbours, the owner of the purebred dog kidnapped the mongrel and is refusing to return it.

The wife of the owner of the mongrel has pledged to take it no further if her dog is returned and her neighbour stops threatening to sue.

Tang Xiyou of Guangzhou-based law firm PCG has said there is no case against Mr. Lin as it is impossible to know whether it was consenting and who seduced who in the case of animals.

A veteran policeman also told the paper that only in the case of dog bites would the law get involved.

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