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Woman, naked on street, threatens to commit suicide unless given money she’s owed

Posted: 03/25/2013 7:00 am

A middle-aged woman stood on a street in Shenzhen’s Chegongmiao area stripping naked before pulling out a knife and threatening to kill herself on March 21. As she held the knife to her own throat, she threatened to kill herself unless repaid money she claimed to have been cheated out of, Guangdong Morning reports.

Chegongmiao is one of the city’s busiest areas. But this didn’t stop the Liaoning woman from stripping naked and shouting for the man in office number 705 of the neighbouring building to come down. She shouted: “He cheated me for 3 years.”

According to the Security Guard of the building, Shentang Tower, this is the third time she has come demanding to see a Mr. Zhang, whom she accuses of cheating her.

Zhang works for Shenzhen Century Tonghua Electronics, but no representative of the company has yet spoken to media.

The woman being subdued

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