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Another worker plummets to his death at Foxconn

Posted: 07/21/2011 9:37 am

The assembly line at Foxconn

Foxconn, the maker of all things Apple, Sony and Nokia among others, has been heavily criticized in recent months for workplace conditions, specifically at its Shenzhen plant in Longhua District. More than a dozen workers jumped from their dorm rooms last year, forcing Foxconn to improve workplace conditions and raise salaries.

But that doesn’t seem to have helped.

The Taipei Times notes that a 21-year old who had only been working at Foxconn for two weeks fell from his dormitory on Tuesday:

The company, meanwhile, has tried to contain the damage from the suspected suicide attempt by contending that the employee’s fall was not a result of work pressure.

Foxconn vice president Terry Cheng (程天縱) attributed the death to a possible accident, saying that the employee had only worked two hours of overtime since he joined the company.

“Based on my preliminary understanding, the employee was not a member of staff on the production line, but he worked in our research department,” Cheng told reporters in Taipei on Tuesday. “The employee was still on a training program and he had worked overtime for only two hours during the past 20 days, so we think that work pressure is irrelevant.”

He said that “prior to the accident, the employee had dined with 20 to 30 colleagues and they were likely drunk.”

Shanghaiist notes that claims of no overtime are spurious at best, considering who Foxconn’s clients are (*cough* Apple *cough*) and how the products it creates are in such high demand. Nonetheless, the series of suicides has not only hurt Foxconn’s reputation, but is one of the catalysts for the company’s move into Western China.

The exact number of deaths at Foxconn over the past two years are hard to pin down, with figures ranging from 13 to 16. You can get more info here.



  • Xiaoniba

    I think the article should be appeared one year ago,from April to June,was the central period about employees suicide in Fox….

    Before I graduated from university,my classmates and I were arranged to work in a factory for a month in Dongguan.That’s my first time to have been in Guangdong on 2008.8. when the Olympic Games was held in Beijing,I remember.
    I was working on the produce line,as a normal worker,I was fully alive to the hardness,and we have to work from 8:00 to 20:00 or 20:00 to the next morning 8:00, every half month exchanged, sometimes even need work overtime,that mean we might have to work for more than 12 hours a day,…and the life in the factory that period for me was very dull,at the beginning,you may have a curiousness heart to know how to make the whole production,when you see the ones,who may bring you so much to considerate:why you come here,what you want to be,what you should be ,even your dreams,you can’t stop here…and so on.but with the days you stay there increasing gradually ,you will forget these ,day by day,really,you may change to be a machine,no emotion…
    in a word,the produce line life can enslave one’s thoughts finally…if you are not firm enough.

    about the people who choose suicide,I discover,most of them are post-85 or post-90,I think the reasons why they lived so hopeless are :pressure and love.coming from a poor family and low-educated,they have to live indepently and make a live by themselves from young.but working in a factory room which lack sunshine or freedom will present them from much happiness compared with the child who are at the same when they meet the pressure from society, family and work,they might be at a loss as to what to do.where to go…
    As we all know,love can make me miss direction sometimes,especially when you really fall in love with someone,the Post 85 and Post90,Protected by parents and friends very well.if they can’t pursue the girl who is loved for secretly successfully,so is the girl who love a boy firstly and when two person love the same person nearly at the same time…They can’t feel relieved in heart timly,always try a new method to end the pain,So suicide occurred…

    One point have to been mentioned,Foxconn are our vendor and cutomer now, co-operatng with each other…

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