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Beijing Professor Fired for Sexual Relations with Foreign Student

Posted: 11/22/2014 4:42 pm

beijing university assistant professor exchange student pregnant scandalWhen foreign exchange students come to China they’re looking to get academic accreditation, and maybe a souvenir of their time in the country. For one such student, she got more than she ever planned on.

Beijing University has confirmed that assistant professor Yu Wanli of its Department of International Relations has had “improper relations” with a graduate student. As a result, Yu has been expelled from the Communist Party of China and is undergoing academic punishment.

The announcement was made after a graduate student revealed to the Beijing Youth Report that she is pregnant with Yu’s child after having been in a long-term sexual relationship with him that all started when Yu “enticed” her.

Wang Jing, a pseudonym, was attending Beijing University and studying for her PhD in 2013 when she took the optional course “US Diplomacy research” that was taught by Yu, who himself was already married with a child.

Wang says her relationship with Yu was strictly platonic, even though the professor initiated contact by inviting her to dinners and other engagements. That changed when Wang was invited to a conference by Yu at the end of July. Before the conference began, Yu went to Wang’s hotel room and forced himself upon her, despite Wang’s attempts to stop him.

Wang describes Yu as having changed immediately after that incident. Yu revealed that he loved her, and wanted to take care of her. Shortly afterwards, the two began a long-term sexual relationship up until the beginning of November when Wang became pregnant.

Throughout their relationship, Yu took photos of himself and Wang and referred to her as his “wife” in text messages.

No word on Wang’s whereabouts.

beijing university assistant professor exchange student pregnant scandal

Photos: Sohu News

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