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China’s Use Of The IV Drip 10 Times The World Average

Posted: 09/1/2014 9:30 am

tied up dog Chinese hospitals are overdosing on the intravenous drip.

According to a study by the World Health Organization, the use of an IV drip in China to treat minor ailments such as the common cold is ten times the world average. There were a reported five billion IV infusions in China in 2004, more than 30 percent of the world’s total of 16 billion. That figure rose to 10.4 billion doses in 2009, or an average of eight infusions per citizen.

Experts like Li Ling of the China Center for Economic Research calls the heavy usage “absolutely abnormal and even ridiculous”. However, Li may want to reconsider what he considers “ridiculous”. According to a photo from the People’s Daily, even pets are being treated with IV drips:

No further information was provided regarding the location, but we’ll assume it’s somewhere in China. In the photo, an electric power bar looks to have the many pronged interfaces required for Chinese electrical devices, there are signs of Chinese characters, and that style of slipper looks very familiar.

We certainly hope this dog gets the medical treatment it deserves and gets back on its paws again soon.

Photo: People’s Daily Online

  • The master of none

    You know this is a big cultural problem in China. Slightest ailment they go running of to hospital and hook up on a drip.
    Each time they get a dose it lowers their immune system so they get ill quicker next time.
    I got it out of my system many moons ago back in the UK when doctors were shoving antibiotics down everyones neck .they soon learned the mistake of that.
    In 10 years here i have never at to enter a hospital for illness .
    Yet my 19 year old gf is in and out like a yoyo.
    Never listens to my advice to avoid antibiotics because its a cultural thing here to do it.
    Government needs to step in and regulate the use.


  • Mangrove

    Several years ago we had a colleague go to the hospital in Guangzhou complaining of a stomach problem. He thought it may be food poisoning.

    He was examined and given an injection. He died of a heart attack almost immediately. No investigation or autopsy performed.

    Used to be they were injection happy. Now the drip is fashionable.

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