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Chinese netizens react to the left hook from Deng Wendi (Rupert’s wife)

Posted: 07/20/2011 11:11 am

Forget the royal wedding, the biggest event in London this year might have just happened last night China time: the grilling of Rupert Murdoch and his son James in connection to the phone hacking scandal at the now-closed News of the World.

We won’t rehash everything here, because you can find the details on the front page of pretty much every newspaper today. However, one incident stood out: a British comedian burst into the room and approached Rupert with a foamy pie in an attempt to toss it in the mogul’s face. That’s when Rupert’s much younger wife, Deng Wendi, who was previously sitting demurely behind the News Corp chairman, stepped in and landed a hard left on the comedian. Needless to say, her noble protection of her husband combined with her Chinese ancestry has been a hot topic on the Interwebs in China this morning, specifically on Sina Weibo.

@MissXQ has translated a few comments:


Deng Wendi is a pearl among women!

英雄heroma:对@邓文迪 说:据新华社电 英国警方18日说,曾揭发窃听电话丑闻的《世界新闻报》前记者肖恩·霍尔死于家中,暂时没有发现可疑迹象。西方民主真狠,要人命呀!!!!!文迪,外边混不下去的时候,咱就回国吧。别把命丢在异国他乡!!!

@DengWendi Wendi, a former reporter was found dead in his own apartment. Western democracy is so scary! Wendi, just come back home if you can not stand it anymore, don’t lose your life in a foreign county.


Every woman has to learn from Deng Wendi. Be an original wife; be a good step mother; slap protesters; be good in social accessions as well as in the kitchen. She’s cunning on the inside and strong on the outside. Act like a tiger woman! Holy cow!

-是谁的海-#邓文迪#太辣手了 强悍的女纸啊~~~~~~~~~~~严重怀疑是她自导自演 陷害默克多其子啊 不然反应也太快了吧 胆子也太大了…..惊艳的一巴掌啊[奥特曼]

Deng Wendi is so strong and aggressive! I highly doubt she directed the whole scene to show it to Murdoch! Otherwise, her reaction was unbelievably fast, and she was so brave!

少爷永存:邓文迪小姐 以后您就是我膜拜的偶像!

Mrs Deng Wendi, you are my idol from now on!

最搞笑排行榜:排球运动员就是不一样!不一般的女人,遇到这样的女人只有死路一条。@邓文迪 这一巴掌打的股价都上去了,彪悍!!!

She’s a former volleyball player, not an ordinary woman! Whoever fights her will end up losing! That slap just drove up the stock price of News Corp.


Deng Wendi not only has business wisdom, she is also a good bodyguard! Hey you professionals in the work place, how many skills do you have?


Deng Wendi will be my idol forever!


I am starting to like Deng Wendi now. She is really aggressive! I think her action was out of instinct. She just wants to protect her family. I don’t think she lost the faces of Chinese women!

It should be noted that Deng Wendi is a controversial woman in China, with many criticizing her for her apparently blatant attempt at success and power.

For what it’s worth, Wendi has 115,000 fans on Weibo. Her slap has been the #1 trending topic on the microblogging service throughout the day.

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