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Look Like Venice? This is China’s Latest White Elephant… in Dalian

Posted: 10/21/2014 9:35 am


A boat cruises past European-style castles in the Venice replica in Dalian.

Dalian, the capital of Liaoning Province in northern China, has unveiled an RMB 5 billion replica of Venice, with 200 European-style castles, Gondolas and four kilometre-long canals, Xinhua reported.

The colossal construction project, dubbed the “Venice of the East” by local media, is the city’s ambitious move to boost tourism in the area. Boasting that it was the closest thing China had to Venice, Xinhua said the look and the amount of water in the canals were equal to the Italian city.

The announcement of China’s Venice came just days after President Xi Jinping criticized foreign-looking architecture at a Beijing symposium on the arts. Most online comments regarding the Venetian replica asked, “Why does domestic Chinese architecture always copy their foreign counterparts and lack unique, Asian characteristics?”

Judging by the photos of the site shown in the Xinhua report, the Venetian copy looks deserted just two days after its opening, with one, lone Gondola cruising the middle of the shallow canal.

Photos: CFP


  • lacompacida

    They can be excused if there are plans to use those canals for skating in winter.

  • Just_Banlas

    Chinese Innovation = oxymoron

  • Zen my Ass

    5B on this crap: I’d like to know who approved this project and how they are going to justify this massive investment.

  • mfw13

    China may be able to replicate the look of Venice….but it can’t replicate the culture of Venice….

  • Wang Ke

    Dalian is not the capital of Liaoning Province. Shenyang most assuredly is.

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