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Dongguan’s single men are the nation’s loneliest, Guangzhou’s are the least

Posted: 06/20/2013 1:00 pm

An online survey of 33 major Chinese cities showed that Dongguan has the nation’s loneliest single men and that Guangzhou has the least, Hefei News reports.

The Jiayuan matchmaking website released its loneliness index on Wednesday, showing that single men suffered more severely from loneliness than single women. Methods included asking single people how uncomfortable they felt at matchmaking events and how often they felt overcome by loneliness. Among the 26 provinces, Inner Mongolia had the loneliest single men and Guangxi had the loneliest single women.

83,656 people participated in the survey which also showed that 89% of single men and 82% of single women got lonelier with age. The main reasons cited for failing to find a partner were “still waiting for the right one,” “personal problems,” and “work being too busy.”

“Personal problems” was a problem particularly common among single men who earn less than 2,000 a month. And being too busy was often cited by educated white-collar workers.

And, remember this if you have single friends, 60% of single people resent being pitied, according to the website. However, the entire premise for conducting the survey seems to be based on the assumption that being single is a bad thing.

In spite of having all this data, the website did not suggest reasons behind the findings. Why might Dongguan’s single men be the loneliest in the land? What comforts does Guangzhou offer to its single men?


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