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Good news: Guangdong’s only H7N9 patient set to leave hospital

Posted: 09/5/2013 5:00 pm

A Huizhou woman who is the only person in Guangdong to have been diagnosed with H7N9 was taken out of quarantine on Tuesday (Sept. 3) and is set to leave hospital in the next few days, Southern Metropolis Daily reported today.

A picture of Chen published on Aug. 12, courtesy of Google Images

Mrs. Chen, 51, who works as a poultry slaughtering worker in an agricultural products trade market in Boluo County’s Mohe Village, was in a critical condition when she was admitted to Huizhou City Central People’s Hospital on Aug. 3, according to Xinhua.

Acamedician Zhong Nanshan, who has been overseeing her since she was transferred to Guangzhou, said a healthy oxygenation index was usually above 300 but Chen’s was below 100 when she was first admitted.

Chen in hospital with her husband, image courtesy of Guangzhou Daily

Yesterday, deputy governer of Guangdong Lin Shaochun and the head of the Provincial Health Department Chen Yuansheng went to visit her at the Institute of Respiratory Diseases which belongs to Guangzhou Medical University. Zhong Nanshan revealed that, although her life is no longer in danger, her heart is still not functioning at a normal level.

Her husband is now in the hospital with her and will be able to take her back to Huizhou soon.

Zhong Nanshan says a vaccine has been prepared but has not yet been mass produced.

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