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Guangzhou subway station toilet directory

Posted: 07/30/2011 2:18 pm

Public toilets in downtown Guangzhou have been free to use since 2007, but they’re not the easiest facilities to find in places outside of your usual trajectory. Unless, that is, you’re riding Guangzhou Metro, where the addition of new lines over the past few years has also seen washrooms included in 16 stations spread around the city on lines 2 through 5 and the Zhujiang New Town APM.

GZTV’s G4 news program recently published a list of which stations in the city have their own toilet facilities, as well as those with public toilets within 50 meters of one of the station exits, seen in the bottom panel in the guide (left).

Here’s the first half of the list in English, hopefully it comes in handy on your next ‘rainy day’:

Line 2: Jiahewanggang, Baiyun Park, Guangzhou South Railway Station

Line 3: Jiahewanggang

Line 4: Chebeinan, Shiqi, Haibang, Dichong, Dongchong, Huangge Auto Center, Huangge, Jiaomen

Line 5: Jiaokou, Tanwei, Chebeinan, Wuyangcun, Yuzhu

APM: Tianhenan

And, in case you already have your printer up and running, here’s a current system map of the Guangzhou Metro which shows which stations have toilets inside the paid area and which have toilets accessible to all:

Click the image to see its original size.

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