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Hunan Man Sets Himself on Fire In Government Building

Posted: 08/4/2014 1:27 pm

immolation petitioner xiangtan hunan[This article contains material which may be upsetting to some readers]

A man set himself on fire at the government buildings in Xiangtan, Hunan Province, on Friday (August 1).

The self-immolation occurred at 4:32 pm, reports iFeng, when the man entered the government complex. After extinguishing the fire, the man was sent to hospital where he is being treated for third degree burns over 99% of his body.

The man is aged 55 years-old and used to work at a boiler factory in Xiangtan. There’s no word on his motivation, but judging by the location people believe he may have had a grievance with authorities.

immolation petitioner xiangtan hunan

Photos: Guangzhou Daily

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