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Nanfang TV: The Brew… Taps

Posted: 11/29/2011 10:38 pm

It was many months ago when The Nanfang first came across the taps at The Brew in Pearl River New Town.  The bar itself is relatively new, having only opened several months ago.  But one of its key selling points was, and is, the brilliant idea of having people serve their own beer.

Perhaps, you might say, this negates the work of the xiaojie.  Yes, it does, and judging by service in many bars and restaurants in China, this is a good thing (not picking on The Brew here, just making a general statement).

The Brew has launched what they claim is a first in Asia: a bar where the tables have their own brew taps, allowing customers to simply refill their own mug when they’re ready.  We sat down and talked with Aaron Chu of The Brew to find out what the taps are all about, how they work, and where they got the idea from.

(Video available on Youku here, or in high-definition on NanfangTV’s channel on Youtube here.)

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