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Negotiations, Chinese-Style: Huizhou Man Threatens Suicide with Noose Around Neck

Posted: 04/29/2014 4:32 pm

boluo cow farmer jumper attempted suicide attention

Ye Deming climbed to the top of a 50m high crane yesterday at 9.30am to complain the road to his illegal farm in Luoyang township, Boluo county near Huizhou was blocked. Ye’s cows are starving from not getting any food for eight days.

After negotiations with city representatives, Ye came down from the crane on his own volition at 12.05pm, and was taken into custody.

A representative for Boluo county said Ye’s farm is in an illegal zone, is full of contaminants, and has received numerous complaints from residents.

Guangdong province has been the location for many people that have sought to gain attention for their grievances through the use of attempted suicide, usually from a tall location from which many people can see you. The Guangzhou government recently passed a law that would harshly penalize such “petition jumpers“ who usually act this way out of desperation from being denied justice from a justice system.

Photo: Nandu

  • Zen my Ass

    Penalizing people protesting instead of building a fairer system seems legit: this news comes right after the taking down of some US TV shows… I wonder where a system that prohibits people to express their views, ideas and emotions is heading.

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