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Nothing Happened Yesterday on June 4, and Here’s the Viral Story to Prove It

Posted: 06/5/2014 6:44 pm

Foreign media may have had a lot to say about yesterday being a special day, but news media in China did not. In fact, even if June 4 is a special date, June 4, 2014 most definitely was not.

In fact, by media standards, it was downright boring. In fact, nothing happened. Nothing at all.

In this information age where we process tons of information on a daily basis, saying that nothing happened is a misnomer since something, no matter how irrelevant, must have happened. Weibo doesn’t just turn itself off for a day.

So that’s why we’re bringing to you the most popular story we found on the Chinese interwebs yesterday. Introducing to you: “the boy who pretends to use an iron rebar as a microphone”:

If you wanted to know what Chinese netizens were talking about yesterday, this is it: a series of pictures about a boy that had previously gone viral on social media. This story was reported by CCTV News on its Weibo account, and was rewarded with 16469 likes, 10605 forwards, 2868 comments.

Because we need the details of such an important story that has caught everyone’s attention, here’s the CCTV take on it:

Heavy Metal Construction Boy is Just This Confident (Cool)!—A set of pictures featuring a singing 4 year-old boy has become popular on the internet. This son of a worker, without having access to a cool microphone or a dazzling stage, performs without holding anything back at a construction site. The boy’s parents say that the boy has loved emulating big stars since he was young, and these pictures are from last year during a trip to Xinjiang. Small but magnificent, and exhibiting a pure happiness—this is what a real “mic hog” looks like! We wish little “Brother Cool” keeps having his self-confident happiness throughout his entire life!

People’s Daily put this on their Weibo account, and was given 8220 likes, 13465 forwards, and 3961 comments, and then did so again later in the day.

Everyone was in on it:  Shenzhen Police, Dongguan Daily, Sina Entertainment, China Daily at 1:52pm and 4:29pm, Southern Metropolis Daily at 12.04 and 5:30pmShenzhen Evening Report at 5:05 and 5:34pm, Guangzhou Daily at 2:40 and 8:50pm….

We can’t believe we missed reporting on this yesterday—the hot news story about a boy whom netizens thought was cute. But alas, we can’t find this story anywhere today. Cruel as it is to a boy we haven’t even actually heard sing, such is the fickleness of internet fame.

Yesterday is over. June 4 only comes once a year, and we can only hope there’ll be another feel good story next year.

Photos: CCTV News via Weibo

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