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NPC Rep Builds Illegal Basement 18 Meters Deep, Leads to Massive Sinkhole

Posted: 01/29/2015 9:19 am

xuzhou underground cave-in illegal structure Illegal constructions are quite common in China, but this time the person responsible is a member of the government and it led to a serious collapse of nearby homes.

A sinkhole opened up in Xuzhou, Jiangsu, on January 24. It turns out it was created by a basement built illegally by Li Baojun, a representative of China’s National People’s Congress. The sinkhole forced 15 residents to be evacuated from their homes while a four-story house teetered precariously to one side. The hole was so wide it stretched out into the road in front.

Li had previously been penalized for making illegal renovations to his home last July.

xuzhou underground cave-in illegal structure

Li had not obtained authorizations to build the basement, and many concerned residents had called the local chengguan hotline but their calls were not answered.

xuzhou underground cave-in illegal structure

xuzhou underground cave-in illegal structure

Crews have spent three days filling the 1.900-square meter hole with sand and cement. The street has since re-opened, and repairs are underway to fix the teetering home.


Photos: China News Network, iFeng

  • mfw13

    Ah….the joys of corruption…..

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