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Shenzhen Sex Trafficking Ring Was Sending Girls to Work in Indonesia

Posted: 07/10/2014 9:34 am

A Shenzhen court has begun hearing the case of a sophisticated sex trafficking ring that saw women recruited in China before being sent to Indonesia to work as prostitutes, Shenzhen Business Daily reported.

The six-member ring is accused of sending the girls to work at  Malioboro Hotel and Sumo bar in Jarkata. Lin Zipin from Guangdong is accused of being responsible for picking up the women at the local airport, arranging their accommodation, visa applications, financing, doctor visits and shopping. Each month, Lin earned a profit of 8 million Indonesian Rupiah (RMB 4,253).

Guan Haiquan from Macau had the same responsibilities as Lin and was allegedly reaping HK$10,000 (RMB 7,998) each month.

The prosecutors said Lin, Guan and Huang acted in disregard of the law and engaged in organising and running a prostitution ring abroad. They said the three should be held accountable. Three other suspects were accomplices in the case, responsible for helping to recruit young girls and their cross-country transportation.

Lin confessed his crimes at the court, but said he did not know women were being sent to work as prostitutes.

Photo: AFP

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