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Suspect “Acted Alone” in Knife Attack at Guangzhou Railway Station [UPDATE]

Posted: 05/7/2014 3:55 pm

After initial conflicting reports of multiple attackers that ranged from three to four, the Guangzhou Public Security Bureau has confirmed that there was only one suspect involved in the May 6 knife attack at Guangzhou Railway Station that injured six people.

Police shot and arrested the suspect before noon on Tuesday in the plaza in front of the Guangzhou Railway Station. Police had noticed the crowd of passengers disembarking from the train terminal to be scattering in all directions, and upon investigating, confronted a man wielding a long bladed-knife attacking people in the crowd.

The police report states that after having been given a warning, the suspect was shot.

Six victims, three men and three women, were sent to hospital with injuries of varying degrees of severity. Most sustained only light injuries, but one suffered serious wounds. Currently, victims are described as stable, and none have sustained wounds classified as “non-life threatening“.

Likewise, the suspect is also described as stable and recovering from his wounds.

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Watched by Crowd of Bystanders

Eyewitnesses described the scene as one of chaos and panic. Reports describe one man named Yang who happened to be present at both this knife attack as well as the one that occurred in Kunming.

Despite some reports that state that Guangzhou police confirmed that none of the victims are foreign nationals.

The identity of the suspect has not be revealed to the public. Police said at the time of his arrest, the suspect did not have any identification on him.

Security at other train stations around the country, including Shenzhen, Beijing and Shanghai.

The Guangzhou knife attack is the third attack at a Chinese transportation building in three months. A knife attack on the Kunming Railway Station left 29 dead in March. Last week, the detonation of a bomb killed three (two attackers and one civilian) and wounded 79 people at a train station in Urumqi.

Chinese authorities have blamed those attacks upon religious extremist groups that are carrying out acts of terrorism.

UPDATE: Here’s some recorded footage of video taken at the scene.

[h/t Beijing Cream]

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Photo: Weibo

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