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13 Guangzhou Bottled Water Products Contain High Levels of Bacteria

Posted: 04/24/2014 10:53 am

contaminated drinking water food safety guangzhou bottleIf a deluge of food safety stories is panicking residents of China, then first we’ll dispense with the good news: the Guangzhou Municipal Food Safety Office released a report on April 22 that found 97.4% of the 1164 food products it tested were safe.

The bad news? Of the 30 food products it deemed unacceptable, 13 are bottled water products that are especially hazardous to human health, Bendibao reports.

10 of these bottled water products (not the hand-size, but the kind Louis CK had thrown out of a window) exceed legally allowed limits for bacteria. An examination of Ganlong Water showed that it contained bacteria that is 3100 times over the legal limit. The food safety office warned that products like this one made by Guangzhou Yulong Spring Water Company contains micro-organisms that can result in intestinal disease.

But that’s just a drop in the ocean. The other main problem with these contaminated bottled water products is that they were not properly de-ionized. Ding Qiang Drinking Water, made by the Guangzhou Nanchun Food Company, was found to be three times over the legal limit for electrical conductivity at 32.2μS/cm.

Here are the thirteen offending products and the reason why you shouldn’t be putting it in your mouth:

1. Wulingshan (雾岭山): bacteriacontaminated drinking water food safety guangzhou bottle
2. Ganlong (甘龙): bacteria
3. Gaoshanzong (高山宗): bacteria
4. Linbowan (林波湾): bacteria
5. Liuxi Jiaxiangquan (流溪家乡泉): not
6. Qingsui (清穗): not de-ionized
7. Baodi (宝地): bacteria
8. Dinghua (鼎华): bacteria and not de-ionized
9. Dingqiang (鼎强): bacteria and not de-ionized
10. Anqier (安琪儿): bacteria
11. Keliyin (可立饮): bacteria
12. Yili (忆利): bacteria
13. Maidishan (麦地山): not de-ionized

The improper food products have been taken off store shelves and recalled, with legal action being taken against operators. And while we’re clearing the air, the other unsafe food products that aren’t water products were not mentioned in several news items about the report. It will come out in the wash, we’re sure.

To stem the tide of potential health hazards, a public safety reminder: bottled water must be used within one week of opening the seal of the bottle; after this period of time, water must be boiled to ensure it’s hygienic. As well, please don’t store water in direct sunlight.

Photo: Tianhe Net, Bendibao

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