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Guangzhou to Construct 12 New Subway Lines by 2016

Posted: 04/9/2014 11:42 am

You’ll be making your morning commute from the exotic locales of Guangzhou’s far-flung suburbs and satellite cities in the near future. PRC National Development and Reform Commission have announced that 203.9 billion yuan will be invested towards the construction of 19 transportation lines, Guangzhou Daily reported. Of these, 12 will be new subway lines or extensions of subway lines, and are to be completed by 2016

This new transportation infrastructure will lay a total 416.33 km of new track. Of note will be the implementation of a new electric trolley circuit that will connect Haizhu District, Guiguangtie Road, and Nanguangtie Road. Construction on this trolley circuit will begin building this year.

The 12 subway lines to be completed by 2016 will include the following. Check to see if these include your neighborhood:

  • Line 6 Phase Two (Changban–Xiangxue)
  • Line 7 Phase One (Guangzhou South Station–University City South)
  • Line 16 (Fenghuang Xincheng to Wenhua Park)
  • Line 9 Phase One (Fei’e Ling–Gaozeng)
  • Inter-continental Guangzhou–Foshan line (the Guangzhou portion from Xilang–Lijiao)
  • Line 4 South Extension (Jinzhou–Nansha Passenger Port)
  • Line 8 North Extension (Wenhua Park–Baiyun Lake)
  • Line 13 First Stage (Yuzhu–Xiangjingling)
  • Inter-provincial Dongguan–Shenzhen line from Xintang–Hongmei (Guangzhou portion)
  • Line 14 Phase One (Jiahewanggang–Jiekou)
  • Line 14 Subsidary Zhishi City Branch (Xinhe–Zhenlong)
  • Line 21 (Tianhe Park–Zengcheng Plaza)

Three more lines to be added in 2017, and the Inter-provincial Dongguan–Shenzhen line from Baiyun Airport–Guangzhou North Station to be completed in 2018.

Finally, there will now be more places to play with your phone and ignore your fellow commuters.

Photo: GZDaily


Chinese praise British consul in Guangzhou for cycling to work

Posted: 09/20/2013 5:04 pm

Alastair Morgan, the British Consul General in Guangzhou has gained the attention of locals for cycling to work every day. He gave an interview about cycling that was published in Chinese-language media this morning ahead of World Car Free Day which falls Sunday (Sept. 22).

Alastair Morgan, courtesy of Google Images

Morgan, who owns three bicycles and makes the 30-minute commute from his home in Ersha Island to his office every day, told reporters that although the air quality is a concern: “I enjoy the whole process of a journey by bike.”

He wrote in his own blog that riding a bike was a way of avoiding becoming isolated from ordinary citizens.

Morgan also pointed out that the air quality in Guangzhou is not that bad compared to other Chinese cities, and on the route he took, he didn’t feel it was doing his body a great deal of harm. “London has also had its problems with congestion and air pollution. London managed to successfully combat these problems with strict policies such as congestion charges and subsidies for new energy vehicles,” said Morgan.

He also suggested that Guangzhou would benefit from encouraging cycling.

As well as cycling to commute, he also cycles to places such as the South China Botanical Garden on his days off, which he says has an “idyllic” feel.

According to Morgan’s biography on the U.K. government website:

Following six months of intensive training in Mandarin, Alastair served as the Commercial Counsellor and Director of Trade & Investment for China in British Embassy Beijing from March 2007 to December 2010.

Morgan is not the only foreign diplomat to have impressed locals by showing the common touch. According to Kotaku, U.S. Ambassador to China Gary Locke has won many admirers in China with his frugality.

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