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11 Workers Dead in Maoming Bridge Collapse on Labor Day Holiday UPDATED

Posted: 05/4/2014 10:33 am

bridge collapse maoming gaozhou arch construction

UPDATE 1: Reports are coming in that revise the death toll from this incident to seven.

UPDATE 2: A total of six victims transported to hospital have succumbed to their injuries, raising the death toll to 11. Named to that list includes the foreman of the construction site reportedly responsible for the building of the bridge without government approval.

A 20-meter long bridge under construction near Maoming, Guangdong Province was the scene of a deadly incident yesterday when it suddenly collapsed and killed five workers, reported Guangdong Daily.

The collapse occurred yesterday afternoon at 1pm in the village of Liangping, Gaozhou City just as the annual Labor Day long weekend was concluding.

300 rescue personnel descended upon the scene, and by 7:30pm that evening, 26 people had been rescued, all workers of the bridge, of which eight were seriously injured.

The bridge under construction was to be a stone arch bridge, and whose construction is reported to have not taken the proper building procedures despite being authorized by the village itself.

In related news about collapsing structures, two people are dead and three injured when a three-story brick building collapsed early today in the Hongkou District of Shanghai.

Labor Day is the Chinese holiday in which the diligence and hard efforts made by manual labor are celebrated through giving workers time off from work.

bridge collapse maoming gaozhou arch constructionbridge collapse maoming gaozhou arch construction

Photos: Weibo (Guangzhou DailyCaijing


Locals on high alert as crocodiles on the loose in Maoming after escape from farm

Posted: 06/24/2013 5:52 pm

The owner of the farm explains how heavy rains caused the dam to break.

Hundreds of crocodiles are said to have escaped into the Feima River after the water level in their crocodile farm in Maoming rose 60 centimetres due to heavy rain. Authorities have denied that the number of escaped crocodiles is in triple figures but schools are on high alert and parents are warned to keep their kids away from grassy areas, rivers and lakes, reports.

They don’t look very friendly.

A manhunt has seen four crocodiles recaptured and two others were caught and eaten by villagers, according to the town government office.

The species on the loose include the Nile Crocodile and the Siamese Crocodile. The biggest of them is said to weigh 500 kilos.

The dam at the farm has been fixed and no casualties have been reported yet, but it could take weeks to account for the remaining crocodiles. And if these crocs are treated in any way similar to their buddies in Shenzhen, they’ll be in no hurry to get back to the farm.

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