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Explore Your Chinese Childhood with These Japanese Icons

Posted: 06/2/2014 4:11 pm

childhood memor japanese culture anime cartoon herosInternational Children’s Day took place this past Sunday, June 1, a day to raise awareness for important children’s issues like child labor, human trafficking and child abuse once the very important business of dancing and singing is first completed.

As we slowly wind down this Dragon Boat Holiday, we thought we’d share this Weibo post shared by none other than the People’s Daily Online in celebration of this day.childhood memor japanese culture anime cartoon heros

The People’s Daily Online said:

#Hello again, childhood: Come on and take a look; can you find your childhood in here?

The accompanying photo is a cool art poster consisting of a stellar line-up of several cartoon figures, and a quick glance reveals some top names: Doramon, Pokemon, Dragonball Z, Astroboy, Totoro, Initial D, Sailor Moon… everyone and everything that was cool for a kid in the last thirty years that also happened to be imported from across the sea.

Yes, it’s a pure nostalgia trip for many of the readers of the People’s Daily Online. With so many amazing Japanese anime and cartoons, it’s hard to imagine Chinese not getting sentimental over these childhood favorites.

You may not be Chinese, but can you find your childhood in here? Take a look!childhood memor japanese culture anime cartoon heros

* Note: We’re not entirely sure, but this page in Japanese may be pointing out the same thing. And if someone can help us identify the artist of this collection of childhood Japanese memories, we’d appreciate it.

Photo: People’s Daily Online via Weibo


Japanese politician arrested in Guangzhou on drugs charges

Posted: 11/15/2013 10:21 pm

A 70-year-old local Japanese councillor has been arrested at Guangzhou’s Baiyun Airport on drugs charges, Channel News Asia reports.

Takuma Sakuragi was carrying three kilos of what are suspected to be illegal stimulants, Japanese officials said, citing Chinese authorities.

The website has more:

On Friday, Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Hong Lei confirmed that Sakuragi was detained on October 31 at Baiyun airport “for carrying drugs with him”.

“He is now being detained in the detention centre of Guangdong province,” Hong added.

Officials in the central Japanese city of Inazawa said Sakuragi is city councillor who was in China for his private trading business.

A council spokesman said Sakuragi has denied the charges.

The case comes after four Japanese nationals were executed in China in 2010 for carrying illegal drugs.

Possession of 50 or more grammes of so-called stimulant drugs such as methamphetamine can draw the death penalty in China, which is known for its harsh drug laws.

The suspect’s associate Kenji Sasaki told Japanese media that there may be a political angle to this as Sakuragi is known to have a hardline stance on diplomatic relations with China and South Korea.

This week, former Japanese prime minister Junichiro Koizumi gave the current prime minister Shinzo Abe a thumbs-up on his approach to diplomacy with China.

Wall Street Journal has the story:

“Since I stepped down, not a single prime minister has visited the Yasukuni Shrine,” Mr. Koizumi said, in reference to the shrine where Japan’s war dead—-including convicted Japanese war criminals—-are worshipped. “Has that improved China-Japan relations? Has that allowed for summit meetings?”

During his 2001-2006 premiership, Mr. Koizumi visited Yasukuni every year, angering China and South Korea who see such pilgrimages as a grave offense to the suffering of their people under Japan’s wartime colonial rule. But that didn’t stop Japan and China from holding periodic summit meetings.

A large delegation of senior ministers did however visit the Yasukuni shrine earlier this year, angering both China and Korea.

The suggestion that there is a political angle to this spells more bad news for diplomatic relations.


Five Japanese men in Zhuhai suspected of beating compatriot to death

Posted: 06/14/2013 7:00 am

After a Japanese man was found dead in a rented room in Zhuhai on Tuesday (June 11), police announced the following day that they had arrested a group of five other Japanese people on suspicion of beating him to death, Nanfang Daily reports.

The gang is also suspected of being involved in telecommunications fraud and other white collar crimes.

At 10 a.m. on June 11, police received a report that a man’s corpse had been found in a rental room in Nanping Village in Xiangzhou District. The autopsy showed that he had most likely been tied up and beaten.

The local Public Security Bureau subsequently arrested five Japanese men in a Western restaurant at around 6 p.m. that evening. The suspects range in age from 23 to 39.

One of the suspects, a 26 year-old man surnamed Sato, is known to have committed fraud in Gugen Village before. Moreover, the five men were seen leaving the rental room.

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