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Incident at Shenzhen bus stop lands a man in jail; questions over what happened

Posted: 12/3/2012 7:00 am

A man has been sent to jail after a relatively minor altercation at a Shenzhen bus stop as the city cracks down on uncivilized behaviour.

A pregnant woman in Longgang District claims she was groped from behind by a stranger while she was waiting for the bus, according to Shenzhen Satellite Television, but the man had a different story.

The woman, surnamed Li, was standing at Minle bus stop with her aunt, minding her own business, when she was frightened by somebody grabbing her shoulder from behind. Initially, she thought that it was her husband but she turned round to see a perfect stranger who she reported to the police.  The man claimed he just “bumped into her”.

The woman’s aunt saw fit to take the man downtown to Minzhi Police Station where he defended himself.

The pregnant woman and her relative described the physical contact between the two as a “bearhug” whereas the man said he just bumped into her at the busy bus stop.  The truth must be somewhere in between, as the man has been detained for 15 days.

We told you in July about how the Shenzhen Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress was introducing measures to combat gender inequality, including laws against sexual harrassment.

Earlier this year, Shenzhen launched a drive to promote civilized behaviour and its buses and subway trains are all adorned with signs urging people to give up their seats to pregnant women.

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