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[Photos] Explosion at Guangzhou Bus Terminal Injures One

Posted: 06/18/2014 5:56 pm

guangzhou bus station explosion fireworksAn explosion occurred this afternoon around noon near at a bus terminal in Guangzhou, reports People’s Daily.

The explosion happened in a garbage can opposite the entrance to the Jiaokou Bus Station at Fang Village Boulevard and Xifangxing Road in Liwan District. The blast contained so much force that part of the container was destroyed.

A 50 year-old female sanitation worker injured in the blast was taken to No. 2 Zhongshan Hospital. The victim sustained injuries to her hands and was described by eyewitnesses as having a “face covered in blood”.

Police cordoned off the scene when other explosive devices were suspected to still be in the vicinity. At 2:10pm, a suspicious black duffle bag was taken from the entrance of a KFC restaurant along with another bag discovered at a later time. However, both searches found nothing suspicious.

The explosion is now attributed by police to fireworks that had been improperly discarded, reports CCTV News.

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Photos: People’s Daily, Guangzhou Live


Incident at Shenzhen bus stop lands a man in jail; questions over what happened

Posted: 12/3/2012 7:00 am

A man has been sent to jail after a relatively minor altercation at a Shenzhen bus stop as the city cracks down on uncivilized behaviour.

A pregnant woman in Longgang District claims she was groped from behind by a stranger while she was waiting for the bus, according to Shenzhen Satellite Television, but the man had a different story.

The woman, surnamed Li, was standing at Minle bus stop with her aunt, minding her own business, when she was frightened by somebody grabbing her shoulder from behind. Initially, she thought that it was her husband but she turned round to see a perfect stranger who she reported to the police.  The man claimed he just “bumped into her”.

The woman’s aunt saw fit to take the man downtown to Minzhi Police Station where he defended himself.

The pregnant woman and her relative described the physical contact between the two as a “bearhug” whereas the man said he just bumped into her at the busy bus stop.  The truth must be somewhere in between, as the man has been detained for 15 days.

We told you in July about how the Shenzhen Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress was introducing measures to combat gender inequality, including laws against sexual harrassment.

Earlier this year, Shenzhen launched a drive to promote civilized behaviour and its buses and subway trains are all adorned with signs urging people to give up their seats to pregnant women.


Universiade holidays announced, and one mightly long bus stop

Posted: 08/3/2011 11:11 am

We are only days away from the opening ceremonies of the Universiade, and already some media and other hangers-on have begun arriving in the city. Security is tight in Shenzhen ahead of the games, and troublemakers have already been sent elsewhere.

For those working in the city, you’re going to get a few extra days off this month. The Shenzhen government has unveiled the holidays, of which there will be a total of 7 days off. It’s a bit confusing, so we’ll try and break it down.

The opening ceremonies are on Friday August 12 and the closing ceremonies are on Tuesday August 23. Both days are absolute holidays, meaning no work needed and no make-up days required.


The government is also freeing the proletariat from work on Thursday August 11, Saturday August 13 and Sunday August 14. Combined with the 12th off for the opening ceremonies, that’s four straight days of no work. Monday August 22 and Wednesday August 24 are also days off, providing 3 straight holiday days at the end of the Universiade. The catch here is that these additional days off (*not* the days off for the opening and closing ceremonies) will need to be made up with additional days of work.

Employees need to work on Saturday August 6 and Saturday August 20, as well as Sunday August 21. Make sense?

If it’s still confusing, you can also find more information here.

One large bus stop

The bus stop at Futian Touzi and the Guangdian buildings have the longest waiting area in Shenzhen, according to an online report. The waiting area is 120 meters long.

A reporter with the paper interviewed somebody from the municipal government after spotting the extra-long waiting area. The government said it was built to resolve the problem caused by the massive volume of passengers and traffic at these two bus stops. Perhaps longer buses should be next on the agenda.


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