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Guangdong to crack down on illegal foreigners

Posted: 04/3/2011 1:24 am

If your employer hasn’t applied for a proper work visa for you, or you haven’t registered your home with the local police office, you’d better get on it.

As we can all see by looking around us, Guangdong is growing fast and the opportunities here are drawing people from all over the world. This is creating some headaches for the Guangdong Provincial Government, which is trying to keep track of everything. With more and more laowai making Guangdong their home, the government has decided to enlist locals to help it police the comings and goings of foreign residents. In a move that is reminiscent of the Cultural Revolution, the government has a new policy implemented effective May 1 that encourages residents to report any malpractice by foreigners, such as overstaying their visa or working without a proper one. From the venerable China Daily:

The regulation, approved by the provincial government on Jan 21, was posted on the local government website recently and is the first of its kind concerning management of foreigners on the mainland.

The six-chapter, 67-article regulation stipulates that no one is allowed to provide accommodation for foreigners who have overstayed or are without a valid passport.

Property owners violating the rule will be fined three times the amount of the monthly rent they charge.

The regulation came as the booming province has attracted a growing number of foreigners seeking employment and trade opportunities.

More than 63,000 permanent foreign residents are registered in Guangdong and more than 4 million foreigners visit the province annually. But the province has witnessed a growing number of illegal immigrants working or doing business.

To be fair, this stuff should be common sense for anybody that intends to live here, but a good reminder to get your proverbial stuff in order lest your workmate or neighbour rat you out.

Especially in Shenzhen, which will see the Universiade arrive this summer, it’s best to make sure that all your paperwork is in order should anybody come to check up on you.

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