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Anti-Japanese sentiment spills over as factory workers strike in Dongguan

Posted: 11/11/2013 7:00 am

Workers protesting at the factory, image via Sina Weibo

When workers at the factory of a Japanese-owned company in Dongguan’s Zhangmutou Town went on strike to demand compensation over a labour dispute last week, nationalistic anger quickly spilled over and signs with words like “Chinese traitors” and “The Diaoyu Islands are ours” appeared, Red China reported on Nov. 7. The strike entered its third day yesterday.

It is the second time workers at the H.K. Towada Electronics factory have been on strike this year. The workers occupied the grounds of the factory having taken their grievances all the way to the nearest labour department. Police were called in to make sure the situation doesn’t get out of hand.

Workers occupy the canteen, image via Sina weibo

As well as protesting against the Japanese company that has allegedly failed to pay money that is owed to them, the workers are also said to be rallying against the Chinese authorities who “only pretend” to look after their interests.

The below signs appeared at various parts of the premises during the protest:

“Clear off you bunch of Chinese traitors who call yourselves an advisory group. The Diaoyu Islands belong to China. Keep struggling till the end.”

“Compensate the workers, protect their rights.”


Speeding BMW driver in Dongguan slams into 7 people, killing 4 of them

Posted: 08/14/2012 7:00 am

A BMW sped along Yongjie Street in Dongguan on August 11, veering into other lanes and generally driving erratically.  Shortly after 9pm, the car slammed into seven pedestrians, killing 4 and injuring 3, according to local media.

One witness claimed to have heard the vehicle speeding when he was standing with his back to the road using his mobile phone; when he turned around the vehicle had already gone but there was a victim lying on the ground.

One victim identified as Xiao Dong told reporters from his hospital bed that he felt the vehicle’s headlights shine on him from behind.  Then he turned around and saw the car, but the next thing he remembered was waking up in the hospital.

After stopping the now heavily damaged car, the driver calmly got out and was smirking, according to witnesses.

The 26 year-old driver, who is from Guangdong, was detained by the Public Security Bureau and he was discovered to have undergone treatment for mental illness. One Public Security Officer claimed that he had never been cured.

Young men in expensive cars running over innocents touch a raw societal nerve in China. In 2010, a student was killed on the campus of Hebei University by a man driving a Volkswagen Sedan. After getting out of the car, the man exclaimed that he was the son of deputy police chief “Li Gang” and challenged them to sue him.  To this day “My father is Li Gang!” has become a sinister phrase signifying the elite status of some government officials.

BMWs are also a potent status symbol.  On matchmaking show If You Are The One in 2010, a girl famously displayed her materialism by saying she would rather cry in the back of a BMW than smile on the back of a bicycle.

This case, though, doesn’t appear to be caused by another spoiled playboy causing havoc.

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