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CCTV’s Praise Of Japanese Creativity Ignites Firestorm

Posted: 08/5/2014 9:17 am

japanese schoolchildren ingenuityAn innocuous Weibo post by CCTV on textbook doodles has evoked contentious discussion about self-identity. The highlight of the post had to do with China’s neighbor and avowed enemy: CCTV praised the ingenuity of Japanese schoolchildren.

The post itself is actually quite light-hearted):japanese schoolchildren ingenuity

Worthy of being called the “Kingdom of Anime”
Japanese students draw doodles into their school textbooks that are very imaginative. Some of them are even in 3D! Now, we finally understand why so many illustrators come from Japan… Hey there, fella: do you like to draw in your school textbooks?

The netizen response seemed to indicate surprise that CCTV wasn’t dealing with Japan in the singular way to which it is known, namely in a critical way. The phrase “Japanese…. are very imaginative” from this short post was enough for netizens to launch several tirades.

japanese schoolchildren ingenuity

Here are some comments:

There is nothing in China that can possibly compare with this. Those fenqing (angry youth) shouldn’t make a fuss, but better yet get to know themselves. Even though some fenqing will curse at inferior Japan on sight, they will secretly read Japanese manga in private.

It turns out that English exams for Japanese are the same for them as they are for us.

In China, this kind of thing wouldn’t be allowed to happen by the teacher. Books that are finished with must be kept in good condition like new. No marks or writing was allowed in the book. The difference in thinking (between the two cultures) is so great…

japanese schoolchildren ingenuity

This is the rhythm (sung) by the traitorous dogs of CCTV!

So has CCTV finally figured out that (Japanese) people have a good side to them?

CCTV is now beginning to disseminate Japanese culture!!! How is this good for our country?

japanese schoolchildren ingenuity

Huh? You’ve been scolded so many times that now you’ve changed your tune to praise Japan?

Chinese education is too poor [thumbsdown.emo]

(Famous Tang dynasty poet) Du Fu laughs, but has no words for you!

japanese schoolchildren ingenuity

What chinese will draw are spoofs! What Japanese will draw is innovative!

What Japanese are more prone to drawing are things forbidden under eighteen years of age, while Chinese will draw Du Fu…

The Celestial Kingdom (China) is also capable of drawing these things! I have drawn such things in elementary school and was lauded by my schoolmates until I was discovered by my teacher… whereupon I was swiftly moved to the corner…

japanese schoolchildren ingenuity

Although the Japs are despicable, you still have to admire them. Thinking back to my fellow countrymen once enrolling into school, our imagination has slowly been eaten away by rigid textbook knowledge…

There are so many drawings like this in China, whereas drawings like this are rare in inferior Japan.

I just want to know how Japan has become the “Kingdom of Porn”.

It appears these classroom doodles have indeed gotten certain Japanese schoolchildren into trouble; however, not with the classroom teacher, but with another authoritarian from farther away…

japanese schoolchildren ingenuity

Photos: CCTV News


Beijing Dancing Grannies Wield AK-47s in Anti-Japanese Performance

Posted: 06/27/2014 4:00 pm

bj granny dancing anti imperialist“Dancing grannies”, the hallowed institution of Chinese culture that may be exported to Australia and has appeared in Moscow’s Red Square is under attack. After countless disputes across the country, a law has recently been passed in Xi’an forbidding the notorious dancing troupes from engaging in any “granny dancing” between the hours of 10pm and 7am.

Crackdowns on granny dancing aren’t anything new, but a stalwart troupe of granny dancers in Beijing may be looking to evade any criticism by changing the way they dance. This group has moved away from traditional fan dances and scarf waving seen in plazas around the country, instead turning to that other cultural institution: bashing the Japanese.

A group of dancers was recently seen performing near the Raffle City shopping mall in Dongzhimen, Beijing. There, granny dancers armed with toy AK-47s danced in formation and waved their replica firearms in the air in an activity described as “killing bastards”.

bj granny dancing anti imperialist

A man carrying a gun and wearing the hat of a 1940s Japanese imperialist soldier served as the focal point for the dancers. According to 163, the man reportedly wore a T-shirt that said “Jap bastard”. As part of the performance, the man dutifully raised his weapon and surrendered.

We can only suppose the off-Broadway dinner theater musical Nanjing! Nanjing! will open next.

bj granny dancing anti imperialistbj granny dancing anti imperialistbj granny dancing anti imperialistbj granny dancing anti imperialistbj granny dancing anti imperialistbj granny dancing anti imperialistbj granny dancing anti imperialistbj granny dancing anti imperialistbj granny dancing anti imperialist


Photos: 163


PRD News Brief: Cars in Buildings, Police Shooting, Wanda in Shenzhen

Posted: 04/22/2014 5:02 pm

car drives into convenience store gzCar crashes into a convenience store in Liwan, Guangzhou; one man hurt. Reminds us of another recent incident in Guangzhou in which a van drove into a supermarket, causing one fatality.

Car thief shot to death after crashing into two police officers during inspection at toll crossing in Shunde, Foshan last night at 3am.

Yue Yuan shoe factory strike spreads to Jiangxi after reaching 30,000 strikers ever since unrest began back on April 5.

Women prevented from igniting a fire at the Shenzhen City Hall to draw attention to her personal grievances.

Another five city cadres in Guangzhou implicated on corruption charges.

Wanda Cinema Plans to Raise RMB 2 Billion for an IPO in Shenzhen

A 78 year-old patient reportedly jumped off the roof at the Guangzhou No. 1 People’s Hospital and fell to his/her death by hitting a fourth-floor roof.

Mainland/island tension to increase after Hong Kong youths catch and record a Chinese mainland family allowing their child to urinate on a HK city street.

A Shenzhen drunk driver settles out of court for RMB 70K in order to avoid drunk driving charges despite the fact that the other driver of an Audi A8 rear-ended him.

Want to develop your anti-Imperial Japanese sentiments? Play this online game from none other than People’s Daily Online in which you get to shoot Japanese war criminals.

Police over in Guangxi Province warn the public over a new kind of drug being smuggled in “milk tea packages“.

Photo: Weibo


Anti-Japanese sentiment spills over as factory workers strike in Dongguan

Posted: 11/11/2013 7:00 am

Workers protesting at the factory, image via Sina Weibo

When workers at the factory of a Japanese-owned company in Dongguan’s Zhangmutou Town went on strike to demand compensation over a labour dispute last week, nationalistic anger quickly spilled over and signs with words like “Chinese traitors” and “The Diaoyu Islands are ours” appeared, Red China reported on Nov. 7. The strike entered its third day yesterday.

It is the second time workers at the H.K. Towada Electronics factory have been on strike this year. The workers occupied the grounds of the factory having taken their grievances all the way to the nearest labour department. Police were called in to make sure the situation doesn’t get out of hand.

Workers occupy the canteen, image via Sina weibo

As well as protesting against the Japanese company that has allegedly failed to pay money that is owed to them, the workers are also said to be rallying against the Chinese authorities who “only pretend” to look after their interests.

The below signs appeared at various parts of the premises during the protest:

“Clear off you bunch of Chinese traitors who call yourselves an advisory group. The Diaoyu Islands belong to China. Keep struggling till the end.”

“Compensate the workers, protect their rights.”


Feeling Club in Shenzhen invites one and all for a drink… except the Japanese

Posted: 02/20/2013 6:28 pm

Feeling Club in central Futian, in the heart of the club scene next door to famed Viva, has put up an ad for their international night on Tuesdays. Free beer before 10:30, buy one get one free after that. Seems a good deal. So what could possibly be wrong?


The advertisement for Feeling Club’s Tuesday drink special

Current politics aside (and of course never forgetting “The War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression”), is this really a successful way to attract foreigners to your bar? Perhaps, purely for the sake of marketing, it might be a better idea to keep one’s political feelings to oneself and not plaster them on the side of a bar. Is this something anyone wants to see while going out for an apolitical drink?


Police in Dongguan crack down on anti-Japanese protesters

Posted: 08/27/2012 11:24 am

(Photo courtesy

One week after protests erupted in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and elsewhere in China over Japan’s claims to the Diaoyu Islands, protesters in Dongguan took to the streets to voice their displeasure yesterday.  The key difference in this case: the riot police were brought in to disperse the crowd.

While the original protests last week seemed to have the tacit approval of authorities, this latest one in Dongguan clearly did not.  The South China Morning Post reports (behind a paywall) that hundreds of protesters gathered in Dongguan yesterday and marched towards the city’s government plaza in Dongcheng District.  Before they got there though, riot police arrived and began trying to break up the protest.  This inevitably resulted in some scuffles, with protesters throwing objects at the police.

A 25-year-old man who was visiting Dongguan with a friend from a town outside the city was severely beaten by police, said the 17-year-old friend.

“We were just curious to see what was happening and suddenly we were rounded up by police carrying shields and long black batons,” she said, sobbing. Her green top was stained with her friend’s blood.

The distraught girl was looking for a doctor and lost track of her friend in the chaos.

“A policeman, without warning, hit my friend’s head with his baton. He was covered in blood. But they still beat him even though he was already bleeding,” she said. “The next thing I knew I was pushed away by police. I can’t find my friend and I can’t find a doctor. I don’t know what to do.”

One shop owner in Dongguan said messages began circulating earlier in the week calling for a protest to take place on Sunday, however the idea was scrapped when 20,000 people signed up.  He said organizers shut it down because they were worried it would be out of control.

You can watch footage of the protest here.


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