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Anti-Japanese sentiment spills over as factory workers strike in Dongguan

Posted: 11/11/2013 7:00 am

Workers protesting at the factory, image via Sina Weibo

When workers at the factory of a Japanese-owned company in Dongguan’s Zhangmutou Town went on strike to demand compensation over a labour dispute last week, nationalistic anger quickly spilled over and signs with words like “Chinese traitors” and “The Diaoyu Islands are ours” appeared, Red China reported on Nov. 7. The strike entered its third day yesterday.

It is the second time workers at the H.K. Towada Electronics factory have been on strike this year. The workers occupied the grounds of the factory having taken their grievances all the way to the nearest labour department. Police were called in to make sure the situation doesn’t get out of hand.

Workers occupy the canteen, image via Sina weibo

As well as protesting against the Japanese company that has allegedly failed to pay money that is owed to them, the workers are also said to be rallying against the Chinese authorities who “only pretend” to look after their interests.

The below signs appeared at various parts of the premises during the protest:

“Clear off you bunch of Chinese traitors who call yourselves an advisory group. The Diaoyu Islands belong to China. Keep struggling till the end.”

“Compensate the workers, protect their rights.”

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