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Thousands Take to the Streets to Protest Waste Incinerator Project in Huizhou

Posted: 09/15/2014 9:26 am

Huizhou residents in central Guangdong Province took to streets on September 13 to protest a government waste incinerator project, fearing the waste treatment plant could contaminate the air and drinking water of several PRD cities, reported i-Cable.

Local residents also worry that fumes discharged from the plant will be toxic and could cause cancer, RTHK said.

The exact number of protesters is not immediately known, but judging by photos uploaded by Weibo users that show protesters inundating the town of Bocheng where the plant is to be located, several thousand turned out.

Protesterss held red banners reading, “Firmly against the building of a waste incinerator, we swear an oath of death to defend our beautiful home”.

The proposed waste incinerator is expected to burn 2,600 tones of waste a day upon completion next year. The project attracted millions of yuan of investment from the government, the report said.

RTHK reported several protesters were hauled away by police, while netizens said the heavy police presence resulted in some injuries.

Below are more images uploaded to Weibo:

Photos: Weibo user 王小萍萍萍–淺淺-

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