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Update: Police in Shenzhen find alleged killer of 16-year old girl in a hostel in Longhua

Posted: 01/22/2013 1:54 pm

It was a horrific start to the new year: a teenaged girl in Shenzhen goes missing, her body found the following day. There was some concern Tsang Yue Laitong, only 16 years old, may have given away her whereabouts online, as she frequently tweeted her plans on Sina Weibo. (You can read background to the story here.)

Fortunately, Shenzhen police seem to work fairly quickly.  At 3:24pm yesterday (January 21), Shenzhen police posted on its Weibo account that a man wanted in connection with Lai’s killing, surnamed Meng, has been arrested.  Police found him at a hostel in Longhua District. Meng is only 19 years old and hails from Guizhou, and admitted he was the one who killed Tsang.

Tsang’s sister posted on Weibo an hour later saying she’s thankful for all the attention given to her sister’s case and hopes the legal system will now work through the case in a fair manner.

Tsang’s disappearance and her alleged killer’s subsequent arrest has galvanized people on Sina Weibo.  It is a trending topic with 1,193,127 posts about it as of this writing. One netizen also dug up Meng’s QQ space.

Most of the netizens say it is a pity that a young girl has died this way with many calling Meng simply crazy.

Another interesting angle to this story is the growing use of Sina Weibo by the Shenzhen Police department.  In a few stories of late, they have been updating the status of their cases and releasing new information via the platform. In this case, you can follow along with every development here (in Chinese only).


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